Our Views: Bowlers head back to city

We welcome the news that the U.S. Bowling Congress will return to Baton Rouge. City-parish officials, including East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Kip Holden, announced that the USBC’s Women’s Open Tournament will be held in Baton Rouge in 2017. The city will host the USBC’s Open Championship Tournament in 2025.

The Open Tournament, promoted as the largest participatory sports event in the world, runs over the course of more than four months and can involve more than 60,000 bowlers in singles, doubles and team competitions.

When Baton Rouge hosted the tournament last year, an estimated 58,704 bowlers visited the city, increasing business for local shops, hotels and restaurants.

“The impact is just absolutely tremendous, and Baton Rouge should be thankful for the relationship we have with the USBC,” Holden said. Other key players in attracting the Bowling Congress to town include Visit Baton Rouge, the area’s primary tourist agency, and the nonprofit Baton Rouge Area Sports Foundation.

We’re glad that all those bowlers will be visiting Baton Rouge again. We salute the local officials who worked to make the return of the U.S. Bowling Congress possible.