Letter: What part of my money is my share?

I am writing in response to Linda Kocher’s letter regarding the wealthy paying their “fair share.” She states that the “wealthy” (which she does not define) should “do more,” which again is not defined. She states that is the American way.

No, that is Greece’s way. Check and see how well they are doing. She goes on to say everyone should pay their “fair share,” again this “share” is not defined.

Let me give Kocher some real numbers, and not talk in generalities. According to the Heritage Foundation, the top 1 percent of earners pay 37 percent of federal taxes, the top 10 percent pay 71 percent of all federal taxes. The bottom 50 percent paid 2 percent with 47 percent paying nothing. Apparently 71 percent is not enough for the class-warfare folks, so my question for her is what is enough?

What percentage should the government be able to take of our hard-earned money?

Two more points to think about:

Income is not a zero-sum game; the fact that one person is “wealthy” does not prevent anyone else from also becoming “wealthy.”

It doesn’t matter how much money the government takes from the people; they will spend it all, plus more.

The USA doesn’t have a tax problem; it has a spending problem.

Tommy Wilkinson

business owner

Baton Rouge