Letter: Celebrate reason for holidays?

I am tired of all the hype of the “war on Christmas.”

With all due respect to Jasmine Doctorian Workman (in her letter Dec. 6), what we now call “Christmas” was once a pagan winter solstice festival co-opted by the Catholic Church to get all those pagans into church.

The Christmas tree, wreath and lights? All of pagan origin! Evergreens and lights battled back against the darkness of the shortest day of the year — the winter solstice. Jesus was likely born in August. Even in Bethlehem, shepherds are not out watching their flocks in December.

Given the pagan origin of what we now call Christmas, I’m very happy when the clerk at the store wishes me, “Happy Holidays!”

Maybe she is referring to Kwanzaa or the Jewish Festival of Lights (Hanukkah). Nobody has a monopoly on pagan winter solstice festivals.

Pat Johnson


Baton Rouge

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