Get ready  for flu season

Although December is celebrated as a time of merriment, the holiday season also means a greater chance of contracting influenza.

Flu season is in full swing now, and despite the distractions of the holidays, we hope Louisiana residents heed calls by state health officials for adults and children alike to get vaccinated for the flu.

Influenza routinely means lost hours of productivity in workplaces and classrooms at this time of year, but the flu can also bring more serious problems, such as life-threatening medical complications.

“We each have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting and spreading the flu,” Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein said. “The simplest and most important precaution is to get vaccinated. It is safe, effective and readily available at doctor’s offices, pharmacies and health units statewide. So find a location near you and get your protection from this serious and potentially fatal illness today.”

Greenstein’s advice is worth taking this winter. We hope that residents take the time to get vaccinated, and stop the spread of flu in Louisiana.