Letter: BR already has a children’s museum

Those who have built Baton Rouge’s 52-year-old children’s museum, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, have acted with characteristic grace in not pointing out the ignorance of The Advocate when it declares, “The absence of such a museum in Baton Rouge has been a glaring one.” LASM began as a children’s museum and over the years has grown in its mission to provide a first-rate museum experience for young and old alike.

Young people have been able, over the years, to experience the delights of hands on experimentation that demonstrates how things work and fascinates the curious minds of our children at the Discovery Depot. My granddaughter, Megan, now 17, wanted to visit LASM from the time she was 3 on her annual trips to Baton Rouge from Michigan. She still loves it as did her mother when she was growing up. But she also loves the planetarium shows that have been added and, of course, the walk through the mummy’s tomb. She also has an adult museum she can grow into.

Doubtless, the folks at LASM are completely in favor of the expansion of the children’s museum experience in Baton Rouge and would never raise an objection that might hurt that effort. But this does not excuse The Advocate for denigrating one of Baton Rouge’s greatest assets for our children.

C. Ward Bond


Baton Rouge

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