Letter: Jindal is Louisiana’s biggest bully

All across Louisiana, public and private schools are conducting anti-bullying campaigns. The anti-bullying campaign seeks tolerance.

That’s ironic, because the biggest bully in Louisiana is Gov. Bobby Jindal. Gov. Jindal has no taste for tolerance.

“Bully” is defined as an aggressive person or person who intimidates or frightens.

That’s Gov. Jindal.

He may not be like Butch and Worm from the “Little Rascals,” but his desires are the same.

He bullies his staff. If you speak out against his wishes, you are fired.

He bullies the Legislature. If you speak out against his wishes, you get kicked off your committee assignment and your area is starved, even if it means human suffering.

He bullies teachers. In bullying his misguided education reform package through the submissive Legislature he pointed his finger at teachers and called them all “bad, bad, bad.”

Gov. Jindal doesn’t raise a fist or throw a punch to bully. Gov. Jindal uses his executive power to demean, defile and defeat anyone who does not obey and pay homage.

His national political aspirations are his top priority, not the economic and medical needs of Louisiana citizens.

If our schools are trying to stop playground bullies, Gov. Jindal is setting a bad example.

Kids, don’t grow up to be like Gov. Jindal.

If you behave at school like he does in his mansion, you will get suspended or detention.

Charley Vance