Our Views: Take down campaign signs

We were heartened, while driving through a Baton Rouge neighborhood on Wednesday morning, to see that a motorist was already making the rounds to collect campaign signs promoting a losing candidate in a local race.

Whether they advertise winners or losers, those campaign signs have a way of hanging around much longer than they should after elections. The signs can be a blight issue, especially after they fade and grow ragged. Candidates who touted their concern for the civic good during the Nov. 6 election should affirm that spirit of community-mindedness by making sure that their campaign signs are removed.

An East Baton Rouge Parish ordinance requires that campaign signs be removed seven days after balloting is complete. Signs not removed within the allotted time can be removed by city-parish officials at a cost of $25 per sign.

We hope, though, that candidates will have their campaign signs removed on their own.

After all, no one wants to be looking at a campaign sign from an autumn election when the Christmas decorations are up.