Our Views: Camp’s worries, nonworries

F. Scott Fitzgerald

A lot of youngsters across Louisiana have been heading off to boarding camps this summer, an experience that can bring worries for campers and parents alike. Those concerns apparently haven’t changed very much since 1933, when F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a letter to his daughter Scottie while she was away at … Continue reading →

Letter: PAR’s commentary more about Jindal than policy

The recent commentary of Robert Scott with the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana is a disappointment. PAR has provided so much information in the past with thoughtful analysis, yet it seems PAR is now taking the position held by the media and business organizations that blindly support Common Core. The real dispute over Common Core relates … Continue reading →

Letter: Hamas promotes culture of death

Most of the reporting on the latest war between Israel and Hamas focuses on the number of casualties in Gaza. Hamas has been identified by the U.S. as a terrorist organization that is funded by Iran. The government of Hamas claims it is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and, therefore, every Israeli man, woman and child is … Continue reading →

Guest commentary: Nursing home lobby stifles change

Senior citizens have a vision for the future: Virtually every long-living adult wishes to live in their own home, and many say they would rather die than go to a nursing home. The wait list for in-home support is at 40,000 and growing; the nursing home vacancy rate is at 25 percent and growing. Ignoring the clear choice … Continue reading →

Our Views: Credible safety net

With great reluctance, its chief says, the agency charged with protecting the financial interests of bilked investors has seized on a legal argument that avoids paying the bilked investors of Allen Stanford — costing many Louisiana families millions of dollars in potential relief. Like all legal technicalities, the difference between scam artists like Bernie Madoff and … Continue reading →

James Gill: Metro Council shows its lack of guts

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Metro Councilman John Delgado, right, speaks in favor of a fairness ordinance as time expires after lengthy debate from proponents and opponents in the regularly-scheduled Metro Council meeting Wednesday night. Listening left are Councilwoman Tara Wicker, left and Councilman Ryan Heck, center.

Time ran out Wednesday before the Baton Rouge Metro Council could tell gay people to go to hell, but that is clearly what is going to happen at the next meeting in a couple of weeks. We can only hope the council will content itself with a display of honest bigotry and move on to a different … Continue reading →

Our Views: La. fighting nutrition battle

Obesity and related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease are a continuing challenge for Louisiana. Nowhere is that more true than among low-income families who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps. Healthy eating can be especially difficult in low-income areas where groceries with a range of healthy items … Continue reading →

Letter: Abiding rules and laws, we should follow spirit

The controversy surrounding the legal and religious considerations regarding that priest failing to report the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl because of the “seal of confession” has brought a lot of concerns for me and for many others. Being a Catholic, a parent and a former priest, initially I find that the … Continue reading →

Letter: Governor’s fairy tales create student nightmares

I’m sure you remember “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs,” right? Great stories your mom or dad told you at bedtime to lull you to sleep. While these well-loved stories were undoubtedly a core part of your early years, as you got older, you learned that these were, plain and simply, make-believe. While … Continue reading →

Edward Pratt: Facing challenge of social media world

Earlier this week, I got “straightened out” by some folks at a meeting of a group I lead. For those who don’t know the jargon, “straightened out” means someone corrected me and told me the right thing to do. I head a group that basically serves in an advisory position for another entity. There have been some … Continue reading →

Our Views: New judge on court

We join in the legal community’s congratulations for John W. deGravelles, newly confirmed by the U.S. Senate as a federal judge in Baton Rouge. Judge deGravelles will sit for the Middle District court, filling a seat made available when U.S. District Judge James Brady took senior status. The latter means that Brady will still hear cases, … Continue reading →

Our Views: Council leaves issue clouded

After hours of speeches from backers and opponents of a fairness ordinance aimed at prohibiting discrimination against gay people, the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council vexed observers by failing to take a vote on the proposal. We favor the ordinance, and we’re glad that the council allowed such lengthy testimony from the standing room-only crowd. That … Continue reading →

Letter: Obamacare threatens seniors on Medicare

I urge our representatives in Washington to take a stand against cuts to Medicare Advantage and to allow seniors and individuals with disabilities to continue receiving affordable health care. It’s unfair that these vulnerable groups would be targeted through Obamacare in such a manner. With a grand total of $200 billion in cuts as well as … Continue reading →

Letter: Enforce fireworks laws

I am in total agreement with the person who complained that law enforcement agencies in our city do not enforce the law regarding fireworks. As usual, as in past years, there were fireworks on our street until midnight. It creates havoc for our dog and, needless to say, denies sleep for those of us who work for a … Continue reading →

Letter: School leadership needed

From Bobby Jindal crawfishing on Common Core for selfish reasons to Ray Nagin’s sentencing, there’s a lot going on right now. But what is going on with the superintendent search for the Orleans Parish School Board? I’m disturbed that I haven’t heard anything about it in a while. As a parent, I feel that the length of time … Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Legal reasoning getting ridiculous

I think everyone can agree that the U.S. Attorney commenting scandal revealed an alarming “gotcha” attitude held by several of the Eastern District of Louisiana’s now-disgraced former top prosecutors. But can we also, finally, agree that two wrongs don’t make a right? That appalling, unprofessional and utterly undignified behavior on the part … Continue reading →

Inside Report: Project beefs up Capitol security

Walk past the temporary, chain-link fence surrounding the Louisiana Capitol, and you may be surprised to spot a white sign with bright red lettering: “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.” The fence, the orange cones, the “DANGER” signs … The State Capitol might look more like a construction zone or a prison, rather … Continue reading →

Our Views: In court, sore losers

All of a sudden, because of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s change of heart on Common Core state standards, we’re learning a little something about a generally obscure state law called the Administrative Procedures Act. That law sets out a series of requirements for the day-to-day mechanics of state government, from buying paper clips up to entering into … Continue reading →

Letter: Time to rally support for SLU

Robert Alford, who was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round, is a former Southeastern Lion and is certainly making his community proud. Last season, the Lions football team finished at No. 6 in FCS rankings, went to the playoffs for the first time in school history and captured its first conference title since the … Continue reading →

Letter: Ex-Im Bank is vital to U.S. companies

There are 159 companies in Louisiana that have used the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank to sell their products abroad in recent years. These companies, the majority of them small businesses, export products such as treated lumber, plastics, oil-based products and a host of other materials stamped with the words “Made in the U.S.A.” Chances are, Ex-Im … Continue reading →

James Gill: Jindal gives Edmonson a big thank-you

It may be State Police Chief Mike Edmonson’s job to protect Gov. Bobby Jindal, but simple manners still require a big thank-you. A gift is appropriate, too, and Jindal delivered. Displaying the generosity that always comes with control of other people’s money, he signed a bill drafted with the sole purpose of handing Edmonson an extra-fat … Continue reading →

Our Views: Legacies here to stay

 State Rep. John Bel Edwards

Having had almost two full terms now, Bobby Jindal will not be on the ballot when voters elect a new governor next year. But two potential contenders for the job, from different parties, have in different words suggested that they’d like to change things he did. Both will find it difficult, particularly with some of Jindal’s … Continue reading →

Letter: Lawsuit should run course

Quin Hillyer’s latest rant attacking the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s lawsuit against oil companies misses all the important points. First, the companies destroyed much of the coast. That’s undisputed. In some areas they inflicted only minimal damage, but even a study by Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas, the trade association for major oil companies, conceded … Continue reading →

Our Views: A giant pothole in Congress

If there is anything that ought to prompt Congress to get a move on, it is a potential shutdown of thousands of road and bridge repair projects across America. Given the enormous risks, for both safety and convenience, the people of the United States should not be satisfied with business as usual on … Continue reading →

Letter: Approval of St. George proposal hurts children

When we pave a road, we don’t pave only the spot in front of the wealthy home, and then skip the portion in front of the poorer person’s home. If nothing else, the rich guy wouldn’t like what the rough portion of the road did to the undercarriage of his expensive car! Taxes are paid according to income, … Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: A tale of two governors

Gov. Bobby Jindal, left, and former Gov. Edwin Edwards

It’s official. The national media can’t get enough of a certain Louisiana governor. And no, it’s not that governor. The politician who’s captured the imagination of at least some out-of-state junkies is governor-turned-inmate-turned-congressional candidate Edwin Edwards — who, unlike a certain current occupant of the office, has a knack for attracting … Continue reading →

Our Views: New focus on Main Street

My argument is what we are facing today is not just a cyclical downturn in our economy,” U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican, recently declared. “We are facing a restructuring of the very nature of our economy. Many of the jobs that were the cornerstone of the 20th … Continue reading →

Letter: Landrieu’s crime statistics slanted

I am very tired of Mayor Landrieu always telling the citizens of New Orleans that his crime-fighting efforts have brought murders in the city to a historic 30-year low. The only reason that has happened is that the shooters have such bad aim. Give us a count on the “injured by gunfire.” That may tell a different story. … Continue reading →

Letter: Jindal wasting money attacking interests

Why is it that for over three years the Jindal administration has squandered over $ 1.5 million on out-of-state lawyers to attack the legal interests of parents? These citizens have requested that schools in Orleans Parish provide services to children with disabilities as mandated in state and federal law. It is well-established that early interventions for … Continue reading →

Letter: La. residents bearing cost of reckless purchases

I received my homeowner’s insurance policy statement today. It states I am required to pay both a regular assessment and an emergency assessment. These assessments are identified as follows: “Every policyholder in Louisiana is charged and the amount is a percentage of your policy premium. ... According to Louisiana law, failure to pay the emergency assessment in full … Continue reading →