Test Automation’s Harvey, New Iberia operations acquired

VersaTech Automation Services LLC, of Houston, has acquired the Harvey and New Iberia operations of Test Automation & Controls Inc. from Cameron Inc., as well as Test’s interest in Test Angola LDA in Africa in an $8 million deal.

“For us, the Test piece brought in a lot of valuable offshore work,” said Marty Dworak, vice president, global services, for VersaTech. “Test probably has about 100 people just working for Shell downtown (in New Orleans) and in the Gulf of Mexico. So that was a great fit for us.”

VersaTech provides instrumentation and electrical construction, engineering, fabrication and installation services for energy companies.

The acquisition boosts VersaTech’s employment to more than 600 people at facilities in Harvey; Houston; New Iberia; Dilley, Texas; Angola; and Dubai.

Although VersaTech’s corporate headquarters are in Houston, the company actually has around 400 workers in Louisiana, Dworak said.

The acquisition will increase VersaTech’s revenue to around $80 million and make it one of the state’s largest instrumentation and electrical services firms and by far the largest in New Orleans, he said.

Three Baton Rouge-based companies are among the country’s largest instrumentation and electrical service companies.

MMR Group Inc.’s $307 million in revenue put the company at No. 10 on Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine’s Top 50 Electrical Contractors list for 2012. The Newtron Group LLC was No. 11 at $295 million and ISC was No. 19 at $235.5 million.

Dworak said VersaTech was very familiar with Test. VersaTech’s founders, one of whom is Dworak, actually left Test around five years ago to create their new company.

A year or so after that, Cameron bought Natco, Test’s parent company, in a $780 million stock deal.

Test kind of came along for the ride because Cameron, an oil and gas equipment provider, focused more on products, Dworak said.

Test was more of a service-based company, like VersaTech.