St. Tammany Swim League Championship a splash

The Pinewood Country Club swim team clinched the St. Tammany Swim League Championship, held July 19-20 at Cross Gates Family Fitness Center near Slidell.

The Porpoises tallied 2,116.5 points to win the Large Team Division in the City Meet. They held off fellow competitors from Lakeside Swim Club (1809 points) and Cross Gates (947.)

“I truly could not be more proud of my team at the City Meet,” Pinewood head coach Angelica Smith said. “They were more focused than they have been all summer and really proved themselves.”

The 50th St. Tammany Swim League’s City Championship Meet was at Cross Gates Family Fitness Center on July 20 in Slidell.

I n the Small Team Division, Slidell Athletic Club scored 1,002.5 points to win the championship. The Barracuda Swim Team (788 points) finished second, the Picayune (Miss.) Blue Tide placed third (590.5) and Tanglewood (274.5) was fourth.

Individual high-point winners and runners-up from the STSL Championship are:

6 and under girls ­— first, Lulu Szumski, CG; second, Mackenzie Green, PCC.

6 and under boys — first, Cash Strickland, LS; second, Elijah Strain, SAC.

7-year-old girls — first, Carley Kronlage, PCC; second, Kayla Benedic, LS.

7-year-old boys — first, Jake Rogers, Pic.; second, Joseph Fambro, SAC.

8-year-old girls — first, Andrea Cuccia, LS; second, Madeline Smail, PCC.

8-year-old boys — first, Julian Ripley, LS; second, Bailey Meltz, CG.

9-year-old girls — first, Lexie Meredith, PCC; second, Ella Abney, PCC.

9-year-old boys — first, Mason Appleton, LS; second, Max Weisel, CG.

10-year-old girls — first, Verny Ballex, LS; second, Aubrey St. Pierre, LS.

10-year-old boys — first, Davis Legnon, LS; second, Michael Bonson, PCC.

11-year-old girls — first, Gabriella O’Neil, Barr.; second, Jayne Ginart, Barr.

11-year-old boys — first, Hunter Appleton, LS; second, John Clark, Barr.

12-year-old girls — first, Katherine Adams-Harwell, CG; second, Mollie Taffaro, Barr.

12-year-old boys — first, Carson Canulette, PCC; second, Christopher Mazier, LS.

13- to 14-year-old girls — first, Hannah Paradis, LS; second, Claire Canulette, PCC.

13- to 14-year-old boys — first, Nicholas Smail, PCC; second, Tyler Hartman, Pic.

15- to 18-year-old girls — first, Sarah Mazier, LS; second, Shelby Meredith, PCC.

15- to 18-year-old boys — first, Landon Lavigne, PCC; second, Jordan Pittman, PCC.