Delgado student earns five scholarship awards

Christine Sim, Delgado Community College honoree
Christine Sim, Delgado Community College honoree

Delgado Community College honors student Christine Sim has been awarded five scholarships for her academic, service and leadership accomplishments. Sim, a Metairie resident, attends Delgado’s City Park Campus and is majoring in general studies with a concentration in humanities.

Sim was the recipient of Delgado’s Honor Scholarship (tuition for an entire academic year); Delgado’s Alumni Scholarship ($600 per semester for one academic year); Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship ($500 per semester for one academic year); New Century Scholar (one-time scholarship of $2,000); and the Guistwhite scholarship ($1,250 per semester for two academic years).

“Congratulations to Christine and all of the student successes at Delgado Community College,” said Dr. Monty Sullivan, Delgado Chancellor. “Christine is truly one of Delgado’s success stories.”

Sim has consistently maintained a high GPA, which stands at 3.94. She also is a member and serves as president of the Honors Student Council and the Omega Nu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

During her tenure with Omega Nu, Sim has facilitated five canned food drives for the Second Harvest Food Bank. She has organized bake sales to raise money for the chapter. She has been working with the National Marrow Donor Program to benefit a chapter member who is currently undergoing a bone marrow biopsy.

Sim created a scholarship question and answer forum and a map of colleges across the country that offers Phi Theta Kappa scholarship information for the entire Delgado student body.

Sim graduated May 21 at Delgado’s Spring 2013 Commencement. She will attend the University of Mississippi to study political science with dual minors in English literature and foreign policy.