ISL students earn top language honors

HAMMOND —Forty-eight students from the International High School of New Orleans earned top honors recently at Southeastern Louisiana University’s 31st annual Foreign Language Festival, hosted by the Department of Languages and Communication in Hammond.

The festival is held each spring and features students from across the state competing in extemporaneous speaking, prose, poetry, music and drama in French and Spanish.

“The main goal of the Foreign Language Festival is to give high school students the opportunity to use foreign languages in a creative and public way and to socialize with other students who are equally excited about learning different languages,” said Luz Escobar, festival director and Spanish instructor.

Awards are given to the top placements for each category, and two special prizes are issued for best senior student in French and Spanish each year.

The International High School of New Orleans won “Top School in French,” “Top School in Spanish” and “Top School Overall, Category B” (enrollment under 600).

Bianchi Hughes was named best senior student in Spanish. Other winners in the individual categories were:



Poetry, fourth year: Saruniya Royal

Poetry, third year: Saraynija Zulu*

Extemporaneous speaking, fourth year: Bianchi Hughes

Extemporaneous speaking, third year: Jada Smiley

French music: Rebecca Nuss


Poetry, first year: Alan Llanas


Prose, fourth year: Jessica Joseph

Extemporaneous speaking, first year: Jay T Mose



Prose, fourth year: Beatriz Polanco

Poetry, first year: Lillian Joffrian

Extemporaneous native speaker: Oscar Garcia

Extemporaneous speaking, fourth year: Joshua Young

Spanish music: Nigel Raoof


Prose, native speaker: Yolanda Andrade

Poetry, second year: Marcus Reneau

Extemporaneous speaking, first year: Farifah Lailah

Extemporaneous speaking, third year: Michael Kuckyr


Poetry, native speaker: Miguel Alfaro

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