Cabrini High program teaches about ‘fair trade’

A program to educate Cabrini High School students about fair trade will be used as a model for other schools in the archdiocese.

During Global Good Neighbor Week, a weeklong event honoring Mother Cabrini, Cabrini’s religion department introduced the fair trade program.

Fair trade promotes the sale of goods whose producer earns a just wage for their products. These items are typically hand-made goods and crafts made by local artisans and farmers across the globe, often in poorer, nonindustrialized countries.

Catholic Relief Services has partnered with Work of Human Hands, a nonprofit group that provides fair trade-certified products. Cabrini also partners with Fair Grinds Coffee House, a local coffee shop that sells only fair trade coffee, serving fair trade coffee on campus during exams.

During Global Good Neighbor Week, fair trade products, including chocolate, were sold in the Cabrini gift shop on campus.

The Archdiocese Office of Justice and Peace/Catholic Relief Service intern, along with the New Orleans area local CRS Fair Trade Committee, will offer the Cabrini-piloted program as a model to extend fair trade education and opportunities to other diocesan schools.