Repairs to broken water main complete, S&WB says

Repairs to a water main that broke and flooded several blocks of the Carrollton area were completed Thursday afternoon, and water pressure was restored for all customers, said a Sewerage & Water Board spokesman.

The water utility had hoped to have repairs completed on the broken line on Wednesday. But the fix was delayed when the initial 10-foot-long replacement piece did not properly fit with the rest of the 30-inch pipe in the 7800 block of Cohn Street, said Robert Jackson, a S&WB spokesman.

A newly fabricated replacement piece was installed by noon Thursday, Jackson said.

Crews found that the flood happened because a 3- or 4-foot hole developed in the bottom of the 1920s-era pipe, S&WB General Superintendent Joe Becker has said.

Becker said while he was not immediately sure what caused the hole, its age likely was a factor.

While a temporary repair was in place on Wednesday, some customers still complained about having little or no water pressure. Jackson on Thursday said that problem was resolved with the installation of the replacement pipe.

While work on the repair is done, S&WB crews will be in the area for weeks as they work to repave the street, and clean catch basins and drain lines that were clogged with mud when the main ruptured about 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The main that broke, called a transmission main, sends water to several different neighborhoods.

In addition to flooding several blocks in the Carrollton area, the break resulted in a boil-water advisory for parts of Uptown, Central City, the Garden District and Irish Channel where pressure dropped after the break.

The advisory was lifted Wednesday afternoon after tests found no contamination to the water supply.