Tammany Trace shooting result of drug deal gone bad, suspect says

Jesse Stowe
Jesse Stowe

Mandeville police have arrested a Ponchatoula man after he admitted to detectives that he shot Leonard Breaux on the Tammany Trace as part of a drug deal gone bad, police said.

Jesse Stowe, 21, of 40430 East I-55 Service Road, was booked shortly before midnight Monday, Lt. Gerald Sticker of Mandeville police said.

Breaux, 24, of Covington, is listed in critical condition at a Baton Rouge hospital, Sticker said.

Breaux was discovered Sunday evening by a Trace Ranger near the intersection of the Tammany Trace bicycle path and Colbert Street. He was unconscious and appeared to have been shot in the head, Sticker said Monday.

Stowe heard police were looking for him and voluntarily came in to be interviewed, Sticker said. Detectives were able to locate Breaux's white Buick Century, which had been stolen from the scene, as well as a handgun believed to have been the one used in the shooting.