‘Blessed’ Saints QB Luke McCown expecting sixth child

Luke and Katy McCown don’t intend to become the NFL’s version of the Duggars.

But they’re almost a third of the way there.

McCown, who is vying for the backup quarterback job with the New Orleans Saints, and his wife are expecting their sixth child, a girl, on Oct. 1.

With the oldest, Jonah Thomas, only 8, they’re certainly on pace to challenge the stars of 19 Kids and Counting.

“That might be stretching things,” said Luke McCown who met Katy when they were students at Louisiana Tech where he set the school record of passing yardage. “So I’d hope we don’t have that many.”

Still, the McCowns view their children — sons Jonah Thomas, Elijah Luke, Micah Sean and Isaiah and daughter Annah — as a manifestation of their faith.

“We are disciples of Jesus and as Christians our belief is that He commands us to go out and make disciples,” he said. “As parents, we know no better way to make that happens than through our kids.

“To have six children just gives us more lives to pour that gospel into who will hopefully pour it into kids of their own.”

McCown has led the nomadic life of a mostly backup quarterback in his 10 years in the league — from Cleveland, which drafted him in the fourth round in 2004, to Tampa Bay to Jacksonville to New Orleans, where he spent training camp last season, to Atlanta, which signed him to be the backup on the day he was cut by the Saints, and now back to the Saints.

But because the children are home-schooled, that’s meant Katy and the kids have been able to stay with him at each stop along the way. The family spends the offseason in his hometown of Jacksonville, Texas.

“Home-schooling the kids affords me extra time to be with them that I might not otherwise,” McCown said. “I really enjoy going to tee ball games and stuff like that.

“And because they’re home-schooled, they learn how to be part of a group.”

Luke McCown said that, when he and Katy, who is from Shreveport, were dating, they talked about wanting to have four children because he’d had three other siblings and Katy, a twin, also wanted a big family.

“When we got to four, we really started thinking about having another one,” he said. “So, now we’re at No. 6.

“I don’t know if we will stop now or not. We feel that we are extraordinarily blessed.”