Saints give their Superman picks

“Man of Steel,” the new Superman movie, debuts on Friday. Who do the Saints’ players think would be the best of their teammates to play Superman?

QB Ryan Griffin — Jimmy Graham. He’s big and athletic. You’ve got some guy on defense, too, but Jimmy has everything you’re looking for. He’s a freak of nature.

CB Malcolm Jenkins — Jimmy Graham, without hesitation. He just looks the part. He’s big, muscular and could probably fly a little bit.

S Kenny Vaccaro — Jonathan Vilma. He’s just that dude. Everybody looks up to him. When he speaks everybody listens. He’s the leader of our team.

S Jabari Greer — Not to throw out the most obvious, but Drew Brees. Not so much his ability but for the immaculate golden locks. I know Superman has dark hair but I would still go with Drew.

S Keenan Lewis — On this team, Drew Brees. He can say things and make things happen. But overall it would have to be Troy Polamalu, With his hair it looked like he had a cape flying around out there.

DT John Jenkins — Drew Brees. He has great leadership. Athletically, I’d have to go with Junior Galette. He has a lot of abilities I’m just wowed by. The way he goes just amazes me.

DE Martez Wilson — Me. I’m athletic and my nickname in college was “Super.” If they come looking for a black Superman, I’d be the volunteer to be the first. I think I’m good looking enough, too.

— Ted Lewis