Letter: Legislators should save LA Swift

Well it is official, LA Swift is being shut down effective June 30 because of shrinking federaldollars and the refusal of our state government to step in and pledge the necessary $750,000 needed to fund the program for another year. More than 10,000 people utilize this much neeed service monthly.

Yet, a former state Department of Health and Hospitals accountant with a history of gambling addiction was recently arrested on accusations she swindled more than $1 million from the state’s Medicaid program to support her gambling habit. If we didn’t have wasted government spending and state employees stealing money from the state, there would be money available to fund this program. This is just one employee we found out about. How many more are out there they we do not know about?

I use this bus service every day to get back and forth to my job in New Orleans and have done so since Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home, as I have no other form of transportation.

I and my fellow passengers are concerned we are now facing the possibility of losing our jobs. We need our state legislators that we voted into office to make a stand on our behalf and find the money needed to fund this program. If not, we will have to vote you out!

MiLisa York


St. Gabriel