Our Views: La. felines get counted

Cats have a legendary capacity for self-esteem, so we doubt that Louisiana’s felines will have their egos bruised by the news that the state ranks 48th for cat ownership across the nation.

That ranking comes from a survey of pet ownership conducted every five years by the American Veterinary Medical Association. In Louisiana, 25.9 percent of households own a cat, according to the survey. The two states with lower cat ownership are New Jersey with 25.3 percent and Utah, with 24.6 percent.

One local veterinarian suggested that perhaps some Louisiana residents are not counting the occasional barn cat as a pet when answering surveys.

We’ll note that in cat ownership as with so many other things in life, quality is preferred to quantity. LSU has its Mike the Tiger mascot. We can’t imagine the New Orleans French Quarter without its shop cats and apartment cats — all of them, apparently, much loved by their owners.

Having a cat, we have observed, is a full-time job. With that in mind, Louisiana residents probably have at least as many cats as they can handle.