Pink Collar Comedy Tour bring laughs to La.

We all have different ways of dealing with stress. Some people go jogging. Some people listen to heavy metal. And some people become really, really funny. The Pink Collar Comedy Tour features four very funny ladies traveling the country and working through their issues one joke at a time.

"I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Texas when I was a kid, and so I had to become a comedian in order to cope," said Erin Judge, one of four comedians comprising the Pink Collar Comedy Tour.

The tour will stop at Chelsea's Cafe in Baton Rouge on Friday, Jan. 25 and the Movement Theater in New Orleans on Saturday, Jan. 26. If each of these comic's resumes are any indication, show goers are definitely in for a laugh. Judge has peddled her comedy wares internationally and on a Comedy Central special, Kaytlin Bailey regularly performs at the famous Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan, Carrie Gravenson kills at comedy competitions, and Abbie Crutchfield's Twitter page was singled out by the Huffington Post as singularly funny. (

Judge was candid about how she got involved in the tour.

"Kaytlin Bailey accosted me at the Cape Fear comedy festival in Wilmington, N.C. and demanded to work with me. And she's not the kind of person you can say 'no' to easily. But the rest of us all know each other from the New York scene," Judge said. "We'd never worked together as a group until we started touring as the Pink Collar tour together. We had our first leg of the tour last summer in the South...and it turned out we didn't hate each other. Like, we kind of liked each other. So we decided to keep going."

The Pink Collar crew's fellowship was tested when Judge was asked to describe each of her tourmates, who happened to be riding along in the car at the time and listening in on her answers.

"Kaytlin Bailey is ruthlessly fierce, kind of terrifying, and extremely're afraid she's going to yell at you if you don't laugh...and she probably will."

"Thanks, you're hysterical," said Kaytlin.

"Abbie Crutchfield is surprisingly goofy and self-deprecating for someone who is so beautiful, and she totally means it...and Carrie Gravenson is the girl next door... if you're from Queens."

By now, the Pink Collar tour has traveled all over the country, and that's on top of their solo gigs. When asked if being on the road so much provided a comedian with new energy each night, or sucked them dry and left them bereft and jokeless, Judge replied,

"Generally, the schedules that we keep are pretty relaxed. We're driving around a bunch, but we just throw our stuff in the car and hit the road. And once we get to the next city we're generally amped up from hanging out and giggling and driving each other crazy, so we have a lot of energy that needs to come out onstage."

Each of the four comedians has a different style, and of course, different material. Kaytlin jokes about post-college graduation woes and living with her odd-couple bipartisan parents, Carrie talks about being newly single and offers simple solutions to serious economic problems, and Judge likes to poke fun at everyday life.

"I like to talk about social phenomenon and social commentary," she said. "I talk about things like weddings and women's magazines and the trappings of society that we all have to deal with every day. I like to rake them over the coals."

Judge had one last thing to tell people who are interested in seeing the show.

"We're definitely a group of lady comics, but everyone who comes to see our show has a good time," she said. "Everybody's welcome, and everyone can find something to relate to. We've performed in so many different kinds of places at this point--so many different towns and venues, from big opera theaters to little bars, and we always have fun. So, if people want to have a good time, they should come. And if they hate fun, we're not for them."

The Pink Collar Comedy tour will be performing at the Chelsea's Cafe in Baton Rouge on Friday, Jan. 25 at 8 p.m., and at the New Movement Theater in New Orleans on Saturday, Jan. 26, at 9 p.m. More information about the tour is available at their website,

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