A FEW MINUTES WITH ... Jerry Romig

Longtime Super Bowl public address announcer Jerry Romig talks about why he’s not getting to work the big game, his most memorable times in the booth and who’s going to win Super Bowl XLVIII:

The NFL is using someone else to do the PA for the Super Bowl instead of you. Does that upset you?

Only if the Saints were in the game. They’ve used their own people for a long time now. But I got to do the first seven so I guess that was enough.

Any advice for the person sitting in your chair, then?

Remember that it’s the NFL show and do what they tell you.

So where will you be during the Super Bowl?

Probably in one of the suites. It’s not as much fun as working though.

What’s your all-time favorite memory doing PA?

Most people think it was when the Saints beat the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl, but for me, it was being asked to take the job and doing my first Saints game in Tulane Stadium.

What’s your worst flub doing PA?

There’s too many to recall. I have some every game.

What happens during a game if you need a bathroom break and can’t wait?

Luckily for me, it’s only about 30 feet from my booth to the nearest men’s room. I’ve timed it out pretty well.

Who’s your all-time favorite Saint?

Morten Andersen. A first-class athlete and person all the way.

What do you think about the NFL reinstating Sean Payton?

It was a lift for the entire city. We’ve got our coach back.

Any advice for visiting Super Bowl fans?

If you haven’t made restaurant reservations yet, good luck. You’re probably too late.

You’re 83. Do you even plan to retire from announcing?

Hopefully not. I want to do this until I can’t anymore.

What’s your Super Bowl pick?

My heart’s with Baltimore because I like the way they play. But the 49ers look like the better team.

Ted Lewis