Our Views: Decision time draws near

Those undecided voters who hold this year’s presidential race in the balance are running out of time to make their decision as Election Day draws near.

In the meantime, voters who are still on the fence in this year’s race for the White House have been inspiring quite a few heckles from stand-up comics, political pundits and editorial cartoonists.

“Make up your mind, already” seems to be the prevailing sentiment among those of us who’ve grown impatient with our fellow citizens who cannot, for some reason, seem to commit to a presidential candidate.

As they try to make a choice, these voters might find counsel within the pages of “On Settling,” Robert E. Goodin’s new book about the complications — and benefits — of making commitments to certain choices and finding peace with them.

Goodin suggests that humans have an inclination towards the restless, routinely wondering about the path not taken. That can make the limited choices within an election booth challenging to those with a bit more Hamlet in their blood than the rest of us.

But Goodin concludes that a certain amount of settling — the practice of landing on a choice and sticking with it for a time — is necessary for the functioning of a successful society.

This is just another way of saying that it’s about time for the undecided voters among us to fish or cut bait, as the expression goes.

Nov. 6, after all, is just around the corner.