Boil water advisory continues in French Settlement

Residents on La. 444 in French Settlement should continue to boil water until at least 5 p.m. Wednesday, when test results from a water sample in the area should be complete, the Louisiana Water Co. advised Tuesday.

Crews collected a bacteriological sample Tuesday morning from the water line after having to perform an emergency repair on the line late Monday, said Billy Edrington, Louisiana Water’s executive vice president.

The sample was shipped to a lab in Amite for testing, he said.

The company expects results of the tests Wednesday.

Edrington has said the advisory will either be rescinded at 5 p.m. Wednesday or another advisory will be issued based on the test results.

Technicians had to make an emergency line repair on La. 444 in French Settlement late Monday after officials discovered a crack in the water main, Edrington has said.

He said technicians were able to valve off, or isolate, the cracked line, so only homes on La. 444 were affected.

The boil advisory affects more than 100 homes on La. 444, Edrington has said.

Edrington has said the state mandates that an advisory be issued if the water pressure falls below a certain level, which is what happened Monday. The advisory is precautionary and refers only to water for consumption, he said.

Water should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute before use to ensure safe consumption.