SLU nursing students put focus on SIDS

A group of senior Southeastern Louisiana University nursing students is launching a community education program on risks associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and held a community health fair last month to discuss the health issues.

The students talked with parents and other caregivers to help reduce the high incidence of death from SIDS at the July 20 fair in Baton Rouge, nursing student Margie Moore said.

“Approximately 3,000 babies die each year in the United States due to SIDS,” she said. “And it is the leading cause of death in all infancies under one year of age. In Louisiana, about 80 infants die of SIDS each year.”

She said research has shown that placing babies to sleep on their backs dramatically reduces the incidence of SIDS.

The program is part of a national safe sleep campaign that is promoting the ABC’s of safe sleep: Alone, on the Back, and in a Crib at night and for naps.

The students are conducting the program as part of their capstone nursing course, a community outreach research course required of all senior nursing students at Southeastern. Nursing professor Sharon Landry is serving as their faculty mentor on the project.

Call Partners for Healthy Babies at (800) 251-2229 for SIDS information.