Donated uniforms to be distributed  by Walker Police

The Walker Police Department will distribute school uniforms to Livingston Parish families in need during the Ninth annual “From Our Uniform to Yours” school uniform drive Friday.

Uniforms, which were donated at various locations in Livingston Parish were dry cleaned, and will be sized and sorted for distribution Friday.

“We are very pleased to be able to conduct the school uniform program again this year,” Capt. John Sharp, Walker Police public information officer said of the uniform collection effort that began in May. “We are fortunate to be part of a community that understands the importance of helping one another through difficult times, and we plan to continue with the program as long as there is a need in our parish.”

Shortly after the end of each school year, the Walker Police Department collects school uniforms that Livingston Parish school children have outgrown or no longer need. The uniforms are then distributed to families who might otherwise struggle to provide suitable uniforms for their children. In addition to school uniforms, cash, checks and gift card donations are also accepted.

“We all know that children come in a variety of sizes, and since the program includes all school children, K–12th grade, one problem we face each year is having the sizes we need and enough of the more common sizes to address as much of the need as possible,” Sharp said. “When we are fortunate enough to obtain monetary donations and gift cards, we are able to purchase uniform sizes we need but didn’t receive through donations, allowing us to fill in the gaps and hopefully avoid the possibility of not having a size that someone needs.”

Walker Police uses its Facebook page and social media resources to inform the public of the uniform program and the opportunity to donate school uniforms. Although most of the Department’s Facebook followers are located in Livingston Parish, the broad reach of social media has produced some interesting results. “At the start of last year’s uniform drive, a Facebook user in Australia who follows us on Facebook contacted us,” Sharp said. “She told us she wanted to help, and asked whether she could make a donation to the uniform drive. We made the necessary arrangements and within a couple of days we received a wire transfer of funds. It was incredible.”