West Feliciana Parish president

Kevin Couhig -- Candidate for parish president in West Feliciana in the Oct. 19 primary election.
Kevin Couhig -- Candidate for parish president in West Feliciana in the Oct. 19 primary election.

Saying he wants to put West Feliciana Parish on a path to growth, Kevin Couhig is a candidate in the Oct. 19 election for parish president, an office created by the home-rule charter voters approved last year.

Couhig, 61 and a Republican, said in his statement of candidacy that the system of local government was changed to position the parish for the future, although the future “is not as clear as it once was.”

“We face challenges to our schools and our quality of life with a declining population and tax base. We don’t have the jobs or the housing that our community needs to prosper. It is for this reason that I have decided to seek the office of parish president,” Couhig said.

Couhig is chief executive of an investment company and served as an assistant secretary of the state Department of Commerce and Industry in the 1980s under Govs. David Treen and Edwin Edwards.

“I expect to use my executive experience, contacts and background in economic development and business growth to make a difference and put our community on the path to growth,” Couhig said.

He said he wants growth that helps the parish by increasing tax revenues without raising rates, to give more resources, not less each year, to the parish’s recreation facilities, library and other community assets.

Couhig graduated from St. Francisville High School and received a business degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

“Every important lesson I’ve ever learned was taught to me here in West Feliciana Parish. As a child of St. Francisville, I feel privileged to have been reared not just by my parents but my friends’ parents as well. St. Francisville and West Feliciana are special places. The more I have traveled the world, the more I realize how blessed we are to be from West Feliciana,” Couhig said.

“Working with industrial companies and small businesses from around the country for the state taught me that local small businesses create most of the jobs in an area.

“Following my time with the state, I became involved in the creation of dozens of companies and thousands of jobs. In my company, we like to say we did well by doing good,” he said.

“Our parish president should be first and foremost an executive, someone capable of listening, establishing goals, and working cooperatively to meet those goals.”

Also running for the post are Police Juror John Kean, a Democrat; former juror and state Rep. Tom McVea, a Republican; and Police Juror Lea Reid Williams, who is running without party affiliation.