Colleges seeing increased enrollment

LSU enrolled one of its largest freshman classes in history this fall, admitting 5,501 first-year students, making this year’s the third-largest incoming freshman group since the university instituted admission standards in 1988.

This year’s freshman class ranks below the 5,725 new freshmen who enrolled last year and the 5,700 first-year students admitted to campus in 2004, according to a university news release.

LSU’s overall enrollment for the fall semester stands at 29,865 students, a 1 percent increase over last year’s enrollment.

At least a few other Louisiana schools are seeing increased student numbers this year, with Southern University adding nearly 60 students this year for an enrollment of 6,667, reversing multiple years of enrollment declines.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette also reported increases in its numbers of new students — either first-time freshmen or transfer students — despite increasing its admission standards.

The university released a statement this week reporting a 3 percent increase in freshmen as 2,565 first-time students enrolled.

UL-Lafayette’s new transfer student enrollment jumped 24 percent to 807, or 156 more students than fall 2012.