Education bills top agenda Wednesday in Legislature

With barely two weeks left in the session, legislative committees will debate four key public school bills at the State Capitol.

Senate Bill 199, which is part of a package to set up a new school district in southeast Baton Rouge, will be reviewed for cost considerations in the House Appropriations Committee during a 10 a.m. hearing.

The proposal has already passed the Senate.

If Senate Bill 199 is approved, as well as a companion constitutional amendment awaiting action in a separate House committee, the package will face a showdown vote in the state House of Representatives before adjournment on June 6.

The key issue? Whether the ballot measure can achieve the needed two-thirds vote, which is 70 in the House.

A similar plan died in the Louisiana House last year.

The state Senate Education Committee, which meets at 1 p.m., will consider a House-passed bill that would delay the major impact of Louisiana’s new teacher evaluations for one year.

It is House Bill 160.

The committee is also set to debate House Bill 466, which would block state plans to make ACT scores — which measure college readiness — a major part of how public high schools are graded.

It is House Bill 466.

The Senate panel is scheduled to discuss a resolution that would urge state officials to withdraw from a nationwide push for tougher and common academic standards.

The proposal is Senate Concurrent Resolution 68 by state Sen. A. G. Crowe, R-Slidell.