Chamber program assists with recruiting

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber has launched a program to help companies lure professional workers to the capital region in support of economic development efforts.

The chamber said the Regional Relocation Resources program, called R3, will help identify and recruit professional talent to the Baton Rouge area; help remove obstacles that hurt recruiting efforts; and ensure a new hire’s quick and positive assimilation to the capital region.

“The recruitment and retention of talented professionals is crucial to the economic success of the Capital Region,” said Adam Knapp, president and chief executive officer of BRAC. “BRAC developed this program as a result of much research and feedback from investors and regional business leaders.”

R3 is a component of BRAC’s overall talent development initiative, which is one of the six strategies that make up its Creative Capital Agenda that is part of BRAC’s five-year capital campaign.

R3 has seven components, available to all businesses in the Capital Region but at a discount price to BRAC investors, which are:

TALENT RECRUIT: It taps various sources, including BRAC’s database of résumés, to identify and contact selected out-of-market candidates for specified positions.

TALENT ASSIST: Companies can get access to potential out-of-market candidates who have connected with BRAC for area job opportunities.

ONLINE RECRUITING PAGES: BRAC will help develop Web pages with specified topics that a job candidate or company finds most interesting. The Web pages will be integrated into the Creative Capital of the South regional website that can only be viewed by affiliated staff or candidates.

REGIONAL AWARENESS PRESENTATIONS: BRAC will help tailor presentations for recruiting talent. The presentations highlight quality of life attributes in the capital area, such as housing types, educational options, recreational offerings and cultural activities. BRAC staff will develop and deliver the presentation targeted to an individual or to large groups.

SURVEYS: BRAC can create surveys to identify job candidate or new hire preferences that companies can use in their relocation assistance programs.

OUT-OF-MARKET TRIPS: BRAC can participate in trips during recruitment or relocation of an out-of-town job candidate or employee.

CITY/REGIONAL TOURS: BRAC will design and lead a customized citywide or regional tour with job candidates or new hires to showcase housing options, schools, entertainment areas, recreation locations, health care and other targeted points-of-interest relevant to the participants.

Albemarle Corp. is one of the companies assisting BRAC with beta testing of the program.

“The local tours provided to candidates give an excellent overview of what a great place the Baton Rouge area is to live and work and have had a positive impact on our recruiting efforts,” human resources representative Jeanne Keles said.

Information on the R3 program is online at Contact Julie Laperouse, BRAC’s director of talent development, at