Student’s quilt earns award at convention

Lake Elementary School student Reagan Cambre’s quilt helped her win third place at the 2014 National Junior Beta Convention held in Richmond, Virginia.

In May, the seventh-grader attended the 2014 State Junior Beta Convention with fellow classmates in Lafayette. Reagan won first place in the quilting contest.

She was awarded a scholarship by her school and was able to attend the Junior National Beta Convention where her entry finished in third place.

Reagan’s quilt was constructed of T-shirts worn by club members over the previous years, a news release said.

The theme of the conventions was “Making History with Beta.”

Reagan said it was easy to pick a project to fit the theme.

“I thought, we have all of these shirts and the theme is about history so why not make a quilt of our history with Beta,” she said.

Growing up in a family of quilters and in a quilt store also helped, Reagan said. Reagan’s grandmother, Daisy Comeaux, a local quilt store owner, was excited when Reagan came to her with the idea to make a quilt.

“She even donated all the fabric just so I could compete,” Reagan said. Reagan called her experience at the national convention a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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