Donaldsonville council to revisit mobile home ordinance

DONALDSONVILLE — The City Council decided not to proceed with a proposed revision to its mobile home ordinance after suggestions for additional changes were made at the council’s regular meeting on Tuesday.

The proposed revision under discussion would affect District 3, where manufactured or mobile homes are allowed by petition.

According to the suggested amendment, any home owner who is notified of the petition and who fails to return a form of consent or objection would not be counted among the required 80 percent needed for approval.

In discussion prior to the public hearing, Council Chairman Raymond Aucoin asked if the ordinance addresses the case of an applicant who continuously applies for placement of a mobile home after repeated denials.

“Not that we’ve had an issue with that, but would this change prevent that from happening?” Aucoin asked.

The city is required to send certified letters to residents who live near the proposed mobile home location to inform them of the property owner’s request, Aucoin said.

City Attorney Chuck Long suggested the petitioner be made to cover the cost of sending the certified letters, which is typically borne by the city.

Councilman Charles Brown Sr. noted that while the council votes on the issue, the neighboring community ultimately decides through petition whether a mobile home can be placed nearby. He suggested including language that would allow a petitioner denied placement of a mobile home to reapply after a set time limit governed by the city.

“If they have a change of heart, it’s their choice. It’s their community,” he said.

Long said he would add the requested language into a new proposal to be brought before the council at a later date.

The council also authorized purchase a new backhoe for the city, at a cost of $66,936, with funds to come from the city’s natural gas department.