Shirt sales to help raise cancer center donations

The Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce is doing its part to support Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Chamber President Allison Hudson said the group is selling specially-designed T-shirts to raise money and awareness for the center.

Ten percent of the proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to Mary Bird Perkins.

In addition to selling the shirts, the group is spreading awareness about the disease.

Last year’s program included presentations at football games and the involvement of parents, teachers, business owners and community leaders, Hudson said.

“I was overwhelmed with joy of the support we received last year with this fundraiser, the amount of people that just simply said ‘thank you for showing care’ was amazing,” she said. “My goal is that together as a community we can come together and support a great cause and fight this cure as a community.”

Shirts are $15 and can be purchased at the Chamber office, 714 Railroad Ave, Donaldsonville; by emailing, or calling (225) 473-4814.