Ascension Parish school lunch menus for Sept. 5, 2013


Public schools

Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, seasoned peas, glazed carrots, apple halves, whole-wheat roll and milk choice.

SANDWICH: Cheeseburger.

HIGH SCHOOL: Hamburger.

Catholic schools

Turkey and gravy, steamed rice, sweet potatoes, spinach salad cup, blushing pears and whole-grain dinner roll.

CHOICE: Taco chef salad or hamburger.


Public schools

Hamburger on bun, potato rounds, baby carrots, low-fat ranch dressing, fruit juice and milk choice.

HAMBURGER: Jalapeno burger.

HIGH SCHOOL: Salisbury steak.

Catholic schools

Pepperoni pizza, baby carrots with ranch dressing, Caesar salad cup and grape frozen fruit bar.

CHOICE: Asian chicken salad or cheesy breadsticks with marinara.


Public schools

Chicken stew and rice, corn, fruit juice, peach slices, whole-wheat roll and milk choice.

SANDWICH: Hamburger.

Catholic schools

Red beans with sausage and rice, steamed broccoli, salad cup, peaches and cornbread.

CHOICE: Mandarin orange chicken salad or pepperoni pizza.


Public schools

Spaghetti and meatsauce, broccoli with cheese, tossed salad, orange wedges, Italian bread and milk choice.

SANDWICH: Chicken patty.

Catholic schools

Hamburger, french fries, lettuce, tomato and pickle cup and red grapes.


Public schools

Jambalaya, white beans, tossed salad, fresh apple, whole-wheat roll and milk choice.

SANDWICH: Chicken nuggets.

HIGH SCHOOL: Chicken patty on bun.

Catholic schools

Grilled chicken fajita, Mexican rice, refried beans, pico de gallo salad and oranges wedges.

SEPT. 12

Public schools

Chicken patty on bun, baby carrots, low-fat ranch dressing, lettuce salad, peach slices and milk choice.

SANDWICH: Spicy chicken patty.

HIGH SCHOOL: Jambalaya.

Catholic schools

Turkey tetrazzini, green beans, salad cup, pomegranate gelatin dessert and whole-grain dinner roll