Engineering camp held   for 9th-, 10th-grade girls

Photo provided by Meredith Conger -- Czarina Walker answers questions July 19 at the LSU Xcite program.
Photo provided by Meredith Conger -- Czarina Walker answers questions July 19 at the LSU Xcite program.

InfiniEDGE CEO Czarina Walker shared her talents during a recent Xcite program at the LSU College of Engineering.

The Exploration Camp Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers was for ninth- and 10th-grade girls interested in engineering.

Program organizers asked local business owners to aid in facilitating activities and to speak to campers about their careers.

The event was put on by students and faculty within the LSU College of Engineering for girls from the Gulf Coast region and featured a variety of hands-on demonstrations and lectures.

The camp allowed the students to network with many industry professionals, as well as gain firsthand experience living as a college student in an on-campus residential hall during the program, Walker said in a news release.

Walker, along with other tech community volunteers from LSU, Louisiana Women in Technology and other related disciplines, developed an innovative activity to capture the attention of the girls while teaching them the importance of process flow and logic as it relates to their lives and future careers.

The campers were asked to used process flow systems to answer the question “Mom, may I go out tonight?”

After working through the example scenario, they separated into groups to tackle their own process flow systems, creating poster boards as a way to answer the scenario “Should I get a pet? If so, what kind of pet?” Individual groups shared results with the entire class.

“It was great to see how engaged all of the students were and the creativity they used for the process flow exercise,” Walker said. “This same level of excitement is shown by our team back at the office when we work on software projects together. It is what keeps us connected and energized about our work.”

Walker also helped to demonstrate the process of creating a database through Microsoft Access, and the importance of learning Structured Query Language for future career options.

She explained how writing code begins with a good database understanding, stressing its importance as a skill in today’s technology and engineering industries.

InfiniEDGE team member Porcha Cooper, a virtual-machine- certified staff member, was also on hand to speak to the campers regarding the aspects of her job. Cooper explained her transition into the technology field, making the choice based upon garnering an interest during her first job working with computer systems.

Cooper also expressed the importance of education and inspired the campers to look outside the box while viewing the technology field as an exciting career for women.