‘The Lion King’ shows off skills learned at camp

Bright Futures Community Learning Center recently ended its fifth annual summer camp session with a performance to show off the skills learned by the students.

More than 100 students attended the six-week summer camp held in Donaldsonville.

Students took part in sessions on art, dance, keyboarding, choir, violin and academic instruction. The children also practiced for the annual end of camp production. This year’s production was “The Lion King,” which was staged July 20 in the Lemann Memorial Center in Donaldsonville.

It was a repeat performance of the play staged by campers two years ago, said Donna Gaignard, chief operating officers of Bright Futures.

“The student’s performance was exemplary,” she said. “You felt the passion and the magic of the Broadway version of ‘Lion King’ in the building.”

She said the audience was “spellbound as these young people brought the famous Broadway show to life in Donaldsonville.”

Taye-Rafael Jackson performed as the young Simba and Martique Redditt sang and danced as a young Nala.

Eldridge Lewis played two roles — Mufasa and adult Simba.

“These young people return year after year and they never cease to amaze me with their talent,” she said. “Out of all the things I want to be remembered for in my life, my being instrumental in their lives is right up there near the top of that list.”