Donaldsonville teen taken off life support

Brisecon Jasmin, 19, was taken off life support in the overnight hours.
Brisecon Jasmin, 19, was taken off life support in the overnight hours.

The teenager who was shot Sunday night outside an apartment complex and died early Tuesday was described by residents of the neighborhood as “an innocent bystander.”

Brisecon Jasmin, 19, of White Castle, was shot in the back of his head at 9 p.m. Sunday on the sidewalk of the Dville Village apartment complex off La. 1 in north Donaldsonville. He was taken off life support at a hospital Tuesday, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Detectives have interviewed a number of witnesses and persons of interest, but they said they were narrowing in on a possible suspect late Tuesday.

Deputies were dispatched to the complex to investigate a fight, Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col. Bobby Webre has said.

Sheriff’s Office Maj. Kevin Hanna also said residents’ statements about Jasmin being a bystander caught in the middle of a dispute appeared to be accurate.

Larry Lewis, 21, who moved to the apartment complex a few months ago, said he attended White Castle High School with Jasmin and knew him well.

“I talked to him a few days ago right here,” Lewis said, pointing to the front of his apartment on Donaldsonville Village Street.

Although there were numerous witnesses, many declined to assist in the Sheriff’s Office investigation. Sheriff’s officials said Jasmin was standing on a sidewalk and the shooter was across the street on another sidewalk.

Several residents of the complex told The Advocate on Tuesday afternoon that they either weren’t home or didn’t know what led to Jasmin’s shooting.

Lewis said his friend wasn’t the type of person who found himself in trouble, describing the 19-year-old as “a little quiet” and not one to participate in gambling or drug activity. He also said the shooting is the first major incident in the neighborhood since he moved there.

“My head is hurting right now,” Lewis said. “It really (is), knowing I just talked to him and then this happened.”