St. John Primary School principal  honored at retirement celebration

Students, faculty, and staff were moved to laughter and tears during a May retirement celebration honoring St. John Primary School Principal Tina Schexnaydre.

Schexnaydre was hired as the school’s first principal in 2005.

“As an educational leader, Schexnaydre remained abreast of new educational ideas,” a news release from the school says. “She ensured her teachers had professional development opportunities to learn the newest education techniques and practices in teaching elementary students.”

Through attendance at diocesan professional development opportunities, Schexnaydre taught her teachers about Common Core teaching practices designed to lead the students into becoming college and career ready.

Schexnaydre also exemplified the Christ-like qualities she instilled into the daily routine at St. John Primary.

“She treated students with respect and compassion,” the release says. “Schexnaydre sought ways to help Jesus come alive for the students. For example, she planned a creative morning prayer experience during Lent using silent Stations of the Cross. Students dressed up in period costume and staged motionless enactments of different stations each week while Schexnaydre read the applicable narration of Jesus’ passion.”

At the ceremony held at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, students from pre-kindergarten through third-grade presented Schexnaydre with gifts.

Schexnaydre was also the guest of honor at a retirement dinner.