Ascension Fund endowment pledged

InfiniEDGE Software and its employees have made a pledge of creating a $10,000 endowment account with the Ascension Fund, fund officials said.

Czarina and Brad Walker, along with their staff, presented a $2,500 donation to Jennifer deFrances, executive director of the Ascension Fund, at company’s annual holiday gathering.

“As part of our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community, InfiniEDGE Software allocates a certain amount each year as a company and has each of our team members vote to decide on the local beneficiary of these funds,” Czarina Walker said. “This year our team selected the Ascension Fund. Additionally, we are very excited about setting up an endowment account with the Ascension Fund.

“The endowment will allow InfiniEDGE Software to continuously support the Ascension Parish Public School System by providing grants to deserving teachers each and every year. This is our commitment to ensuring that the students of Ascension, and our future workforce have access to the most innovative uses of technology and tools that their teachers’ may desire to implement in the classroom.”

InfiniEDGE Software’s involvement with the Ascension Fund has been long-standing, with two team members who have also served as Ascension Fund board members: Peggy Walker, who served on the Ascension Fund Board for 15 years, and Brad Walker, who has served for 10 years.

“Brad’s involvement on the board as treasurer has been transformative to our organization. He has vision and the ability to get things done. Over the last three years, InfiniEDGE Software has donated our office space, designed our cutting-edge website and produced our annual Ascension Idol fundraiser,” Ascension Fund President Buddy Wells said.

InfiniEDGE Software has been in business for 16 years, designing custom software, web and mobile applications for business, industry, government and nonprofits, a news release from deFrances states.

The Ascension Fund was established 21 years ago as a project of the Rotary Club of Gonzales. Original pledges of $800,000 for the creation of The Ascension Fund were placed in an endowment, the income from which now funds the grants for teachers.

The fund provided its first grant in 1992, and since that time has given more than 1,000 grants representing $1.2 million in awards to area public schools and teachers. The Ascension Fund is guided by a board of directors, with invested funds overseen by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.