‘Killer’ theme nabs Halloween prize

For Judith Sanchez, Halloween is all about blood, gore and scaring people.

Sanchez, 66, of Donaldsonville, had a chance to use a little blood and gore to scare and amuse those attending the Ascension Council on Aging’s Halloween Party.

Her “Cigarettes Kill and So Do We” costume and small float featured a plastic bloody foot and ax, packs of cigarettes, spiders and two “real killers,” she said.

“I love Halloween and Halloween is what it is — Halloween,” she said of her costume and accompanying float.

As a child, Sanchez dressed as fairies and princesses, but as she grew up, she said, her costumes got scarier and more creative.

Her efforts won first place in the center’s costume contest for the second year in a row.

This year’s entry won in the “most original” category. Last year’s killer-themed costume featured the same fake severed foot and plastic bloody ax.

Sanchez said she likes to recycle things around the house and repurpose items “in a creative way.”

“I love to be able to get creative and Halloween is the perfect time to do that,” she said.

Sanchez, who is a regular visitor to the Donaldsonville Senior Center, said she’s been working on her costume for a year.

She decorated a black sweater with spiders and cobwebs and used two plastic spiders as earrings.

Her miniature float had two stuffed homemade dolls.

“They’re real killers, you know,” she said.

After the contest was over, Sanchez removed the dolls from the float and danced around with them.

“It’s all about having fun today,” COA Executive Director Darlene Schexnayder said. “And, I think they’re having lots of fun today.”

Schexnayder said the crowd is always large when popular musician Cliff Nickens brings his guitar and computer-generated accompaniment.

Winning in the scariest category were Barbara Ghirardi and Mary Chauff; and Shirley Stelly, Margie Boudreaux and Lucille Taylor won in the prettiest division. Joyce Cassard and Anny Joyce joined Sanchez as winners in the most original category and the funniest awards went to Evelyn Logwood and Angela Dupre.