Broussard council views plans for park and sports complex

The City Council got a look at a rendering for what Broussard’s new park and sports complex will look like Tuesday, although there’s still no solid target date for putting the project out for bid.

Mayor Charlie Langlinais said he is pushing for the soccer fields to be bid out by March. City Engineer Al Reaux suggested the mayor add a few months to that projection, saying he felt the city could have the complete park designed by the middle of June or early July.

David Bernard, of David Bernard and Associates, an architecture firm in Broussard, presented the council with a 3D view of the 125-acre park planned off St. Nazaire. Bernard said he has been working closely with Jack Haines, Broussard’s director of parks, to give the residents “the most bang for their buck.”

Bernard said the property selected for the park “will be something the citizens of Broussard can be proud of.”

In the rendering, Bernard pointed out baseball and softball fields, six soccer fields, eight tennis courts, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts as well as an indoor recreation center.

There were also plans for two playground areas, one with standard play equipment and the other, a water-theme area for children to cool off in the summer months.

“The baseball fields will be state of the art,” Haines said. “We will have practice fields and playing fields and all of them will be synthetic turf. The fields will drain around four inches of rain per hour. We will be able to play on them immediately after the rain stops.”

Haines said one of the six soccer fields will be designated as a dual-purpose field to also host football games.

Bernard said there will be two ponds, a general recreation area and an outdoor amphitheater.

Langlinais said the park was designed after questionnaires were mailed out and residents responded with what they wanted to see in the field. The rendering did not show a skate park or a dog park — something Langlinais said residents requested.

“Those two things are relatively low cost,” Langlinais said. “We are certainly looking into adding that to the park. This thing has come a long way from what I looked at six weeks ago and we will continue to cater to the Broussard population.”

Bernard said a veterans memorial is planned for the park, but more than likely would be seen in the project’s next phase.

“We have lots of emails and interest in a memorial,” Bernard said. “It hasn’t been developed, but we have a lot of good ideas. That will probably be another phase so we can get as much public input as possible.”

Langlinais estimated the park will cost between $25 to $27 million. He said the development was not an answer to the Youngsville Sports Complex, but more of a park to work in conjunction with the other parish municipalities.

“I’ve been telling the people of Broussard for 15 years we needed this park,” Langlinais said. “I think you partner our facility up with Youngsville, Scott, Lafayette and Carencro, and we can host tournaments and have teams rotating between the parks. It will be beneficial to everyone.”