Out with the old, in with the new

There are no endings, just new beginnings.

What’s true of the waning year has also been true of moving to The Advocate. I’m extremely grateful to all who cheered and shook my hand for days; they were legion. And, yes, it was like winning the newspaper lottery.

During those first few weeks, a couple of thoughts went through my mind, neither of which was nearly as philosophical as beginnings and ends. One, that it was all a movie. The editorial staff at The Advocate is pure Hollywood, almost too good to be true. But they are, and proof that journalism is not dead. The other idea that struck me was I might be dead, didn’t know it, and had gone to the newspaper afterlife. My apologies to those readers who panicked without their column fix, and should you ever miss another one, please let me know — I’ll deliver personally to your inbox. To anyone whose invitation went awry during the changing of the guard, I will make it up to you, promise. To those addicted to Society Diary and Society Noir, the blog will soon be up and running again so rest assured the femme fatale is alive and well

It’s like I said, no endings, just new beginnings.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at pgannon@cmaildrop.com or at pgannon@theadvocate.com.

University celebrates its supporters

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette thanked its donors with champagne and roses — red, of course — and an elegant Petroleum Club party.

“We’re having this event to recognize donors who’ve given $50,000 and up,” said Julie Falgout, UL-Lafayette Foundation Board of Trustees CEO. “Of these gifts totaling $6.8 million in all, there are 21 scholarships, 16 general donations, three endowed chairs and an endowed lectureship.”

And among the VIPs enjoying the accolades were attorney Glenn Armentor, Kathy Stokely, new Chamber of Commerce Director Jason El Koubi, university President E.J. Savoie and the missus, director of marketing Aaron Martin, Charlotte Doyle, Martha Hebert, Rickey Domingues and Jim Doyle.

Acadiana Outreach draws a crowd

Palates & Paté did it one more time. Area chefs and artists banded together for charity as social swans flocked to the Victorian for food, fun and a silent auction. Charley G’s Holly Goetting grappled with turtle soup and a Carl Groh landscape, Ruffino’s on the River doled out Duck and Foie Gras Ravioli and Poseidon’s made Greek Meatballs. Guests agreed it was a more relaxed atmosphere, and wining and dining were Naomi Maraist, Acadiana Outreach executive director Jill Johnson Meaux, board of directors’ chairwoman Kiki Frayard, David and Prissy Wilson, chairman emeritus Andy Begneaud, Judge Marilyn and Jack Castle, Buzz and Renee Durio and Nancy Naomi. What we really want to know is which one took home that cheetah safari to Africa.