$9 million expansion set for Lindon Elementary in Lafayette Parish

Within the next two to four weeks, the Lafayette Parish school system plans to put a call out for bids for the expansion of the space-strapped Green T. Lindon Elementary School, district officials said.

Kyle Bordelon, the district’s facility planning director, said the first of a nearly $9 million project planned at Lindon should be completed by August 2014.

The first phase involves the construction of three classroom buildings with about 30 classrooms, including a multipurpose room for physical education and administrative offices.

The school was built for about 480 students but has nearly doubled in population with classrooms tucked into portable buildings that outnumber school building classrooms. The school has about 900 students enrolled.

Lindon Principal Kaye Victorian said planning is underway to move another portable building that has two classrooms to help alleviate the continuing growing pains at the school.

“We’re waiting for construction to begin,” Victorian said Wednesday.

In the second phase, a fourth and final classroom building will be constructed along with an expansion of the cafeteria. A new parking lot will be part of the third and final phase.

Lindon is a feeder school for Youngsville Middle, which is also set for $5.3 million expansion. Growth at the school is stable this school year with only a few new students so far, said Darrel Comb, Youngsville Middle School principal.

Bordelon said a plan to add 20 to 25 classrooms at the middle school and expand its cafeteria and adminstrative offices is still in the preliminary design phase.

Comb said the middle school was built for about 485 students and the school has adapted to its current count of 842 students through creative conversions of bookrooms and workshops into classrooms and closets into offices.

Although growth has been stable in the past two years at the school, Comb said, the school’s future can be forecast based on Lindon’s enrollment.

“What I’m seeing coming from Green T. Lindon, we’re going to be busting at the seams. We already are. They already are,” Comb said. “We’ve filled every nook, cranny and closet. Our projection in two years is that we’ll be at 1,000.”

At Lindon, the expansion is planned on property adjacent to the school donated by developers.

Both the Lindon and Youngsville Middle projects are funded by a $30 million bond sale, which also will pay for projects at Lafayette and Northside high schools, L.J. Alleman Middle School and David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy, district officials said.