Another arrest made in plot against BR murder witnesses

Four days after Baton Rouge police arrested a man accused of agreeing to kill witnesses in a murder case against Erick Scott, police picked up a second person Friday in the jailhouse plot to keep people from testifying against Scott.

Kirrasha Nicholas, 24, is accused of trying to contact witnesses in an effort to dissuade them from testifying against Scott, 23, who is Nicholas’ boyfriend, the affidavit of probable cause for Nicholas’ arrest says.

Scott is currently in Parish Prison facing two charges for second-degree murder and three charges for attempted second-degree murder in three separate cases: the 2011 fatal shooting of Justice Thompson, the 2011 armed robbery of two people and the 2012 fatal shooting of Kevin “Gus” Johnson.

Scott asked Nicholas to contact two of the witnesses in the armed robbery case and one witness in one of the homicides, though the affidavit is not clear which one.

On Monday, police arrested Christopher Smith, 22, 1630 N. 49th St., and booked him on counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder after police detectives learned of a plot between him and Scott to kill witnesses in the Justice Thompson shooting.

Police also rebooked Scott on counts of solicitation for murder.

Detectives listening to Scott’s recorded jailhouse phone calls on April 7 heard Scott give Nicholas phone numbers for the victims of the armed robbery so she could talk to them, the affidavit says.

Not long after that call, Nicholas told Scott the number of one witness had changed and the other witness did not answer the phone, the affidavit says.

On April 10, detectives heard Scott tell Nicholas to destroy a letter he sent her from Parish Prison, which she agreed to do, the affidavit says. Detectives found the letter torn up in her trash can the next day, the affidavit says.

In the letter, Scott gives Nicholas the name of a witness to a homicide and writes, “Them people ain’t gone come to court on me. If they do we gone beat them,” the affidavit says.

Police booked Nicholas, 855 S. Flannery Road, Baton Rouge, into Parish Prison on counts of conspiracy to commit of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

Investigators began actively monitoring Scott’s phone calls from Parish Prison after learning he might be planning something, and their efforts paid off as they began hearing incriminating phone conversations between Scott and others in early April.

According to police records, there were many similarities between the cases against Nicholas and Smith.

In both cases, police learned of the plot by listening to jailhouse phone calls and Scott sent both of them letters that they were instructed to destroy upon reading, police records show.

Also in both cases, Smith and Nicholas tore the letters up and threw them into the trash can, where detectives found them while executing search warrants.

Detectives were able to piece together the letters to use as evidence against Scott, Smith and Nicholas.

Police also are searching for a man who told Scott in an earlier phone conversation that he would get “J” to confront and intimidate three witnesses.