Louisiana contingent to enter Boston Marathon

Leo Verde isn’t the only person from Louisiana running the Boston Marathon on Monday.

“The Louisiana running community is really much larger than many people think,” Jenni Peters, owner of Varsity Sports, wrote in an email.

“When you think of the fact that there are 7,000 people at the relatively new Louisiana Marathon/Half Marathon and close to 20,000 runners at the Rock ’n’ Roll New Orleans and (Saturday’s) Crescent City Classic 10K, it puts it in perspective,” she said.

In fact, Louisiana teams did well in last year’s Boston Marathon, marred by the terrorist bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260.

The Varsity Running men’s open team finished second in the marathon, and the Varsity Running women’s open team finished third.

The team scores are compiled by combining the fastest three times of any team member. This year, Peters said, Varsity Running teams will include a women’s and men’s master team for runners who are older than 40.

The Varsity Running teams this year will have runners from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell, Metairie and even one runner from Seattle.

They are Verde, James Miller Jr., John S. Morvant, Kim Dominick, Eleanor Lane, Kathy Mossy, Jennifer Novak, Randa Patrick, Lou Sears, Laure Stoma, Samuel Amoroso, Michael Edmonson Jr. and Jerry Falgoust.

Also, Drew Haro, Peter-Paul Langerak, Matthew Manning, Russell Jacob Marsh, Bradley Oswalt, Donald Quintana, Jonathan Thomas, Hannah Amoroso, Kimberly Blaise, Rebecca Bokun, Megan Gohres, Erin Oswalt and Rosalie Teeuwen.

“While the Boston group shows that we can compete with anyone in the country, it is a very inclusive group, welcoming any age, size and ability to the sport,” Peters said.

“That Louisiana, and particularly Baton Rouge, has so many runners qualify for Boston is a testament to the community’s commitment to fitness,” she said. “Our area too often has the reputation for ‘less-than-healthy’ lifestyles.”