UL-Lafayette students okay fee hike for extended bus services

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette soon will be receiving new buses and extended transportation services, following a vote by students to approve raising the student transportation fee.

In online voting Monday and Tuesday, students voted 939-854 to raise the fee from $25 to $50 in the fall and spring semesters and from $12.50 to $25 in the summer.

“We’ve already started the paperwork for new buses,” said Bob Hammett, the SGA’s Office of Transportation Services representative. “We don’t have a date yet. We’re still trying to hash out the details. We just needed to know (the referendum) would pass.”

The university said the fee is expected to raise around $750,000, which Hammett said will go to buy new buses and extend services for students.

The referendum was proposed by the SGA’s judicial branch, which is in charge of reviewing student-assessed fees at the university, and pushed forward by SGA President David Neef and his administration.

Hammett said the transportation fee had not been raised since 2002, greatly restricting the spending power of the transportation department and its ability to keep up an aging fleet of buses.

The department was forced to retire bus No. 4, a model from 1994, last week, he said, making it the second bus to go to “the graveyard” this semester.