Amite woman, 63, remains in jail in shooting death of brother

Authorities are still investigating a woman’s motive in the shooting death of her brother Tuesday outside a home on South Second Street in Amite, Police Chief Jerry Trabona said Friday.

Daryl Lynn Hill, 63, shot her brother Alfred Hill, 62, while he stood outside his home at 118 S. Second St., Trabona said.

“Motive, we have no idea,” he said.

Alfred Hill was about to walk into his house when Daryl Lynn Hill — who lives in a house on a lot behind her brother’s home — walked outside her home with a pistol, Trabona said.

Alfred Hill laughed, apparently thinking the gun was a toy, Trabona said. “When he laughed, she shot him.”

Alfred Hill later died at a hospital, Trabona said.

Daryl Lynn Hill’s son, who was walking with Alfred Hill, flagged down a patrolling Amite police officer.

Daryl Lynn Hill then barricaded herself inside her home, Trabona said. Police had to call the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office’s special response team for backup.

Members of the team negotiated with Hill for three hours before throwing tear gas into the home, Trabona said. She responded by calling 911.

Authorities eventually made their way into the home and arrested Hill.

Hill was still in jail as of Friday morning on one count of manslaughter.