Youngsville Sports Complex gets two new sponsors

Two major sponsors have agreed to support the city’s new sports complex.

RR restaurants signed on to sponsor the main parking lot, and the LaQuinta hotel in Broussard will be the primary website sponsor for the sports complex, which is set to open for league play in April.

“We are pleased to have these sponsors on board,” said Tim Robichaux, Youngsville Parks and Recreation director.

Also, the city will begin purchasing items such as pitching mounds, portable fencing and soccer goals, Mayor Wilson Viator said.

The total budget presented to the council Thursday for the sports complex is $312,000 for 2014. The mayor requested the council not take action yet on the matter.

“We will be coming to y’all with an amended budget for this year, plus a projected budget for next year,” Viator said. “I really think these numbers we are giving you is to show the direction we are heading.

“You can take action if you want, but if you do it will have to be in an ordinance. We will more than likely have to amend the ordinance.”

The budget originally allotted funds toward equipment for league play, but the complex will not run the league. Instead, the Broussard Youngsville Youth Association will be responsible for all league costs.

In an unrelated matter:

DEVELOPMENT CODE: The council was set to discuss updates on the Youngsville Development Code but, instead, voted to have a special meeting to discuss the matter, on the recommendation of Lynn Guidry of Lynn Guidry Architects in Lafayette.

“We are at a point where we really need two hours to discuss this issue,” said Guidry, who is in charge of changes in the Youngsville Development Code.

“One of the big concerns is making sure the developer always has a positive impact on the community. When a developer comes and wants a variance of sorts, how does it affect the community? I am willing to sit here for two hours and do that tonight, but I recommend the special meeting.”