Former Jindal aide Rainwater looks to lobbying, consulting

Paul Rainwater
Paul Rainwater

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s former chief of staff, Paul Rainwater, said Wednesday that he plans to open his own lobbying and consulting firm.

“I’m going to start my own firm,” Rainwater said. “Just me for right now.”

Rainwater left the Jindal administration this week after serving as chief of staff, commissioner of administration and hurricane recovery adviser.

He helped manage the daily operations of Jindal’s office and served as one of the governor’s closest advisers.

During a stop at the State Capitol on Wednesday, Rainwater said he needed more of a personal life and often felt like he was the oldest pitcher on the team.

At 52, Rainwater was one of the few gray-haired members of the governor’s staff.

Rainwater said he is in the process of finding clients for his one-man office. In the past, he lobbied on oil and gas issues.

State restrictions prohibit Rainwater from lobbying the Governor’s Office for a few years. However, he is free to lobby the Legislature.

Rainwater was a rare holdover from Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s administration who became an influential member of Jindal’s kitchen Cabinet. As commissioner of administration and later as chief of staff, Rainwater was in Jindal’s inner circle.

Over the years, Rainwater also worked for U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

His resignation came less than two years before the governor leaves office. Jindal who currently is out of state tending to national issues cannot seek re-election in 2015 because of term limits.

Jindal’s other chiefs of staff have done well upon leaving the Governor’s Office.

Timmy Teepell, Jindal’s first chief of staff, now advises the governor as a private consultant. Teepell is a partner in On­Message, which received $796,699.29 from the Jindal campaign in 2012 and 2013 for political consulting, media production, polling and other tasks.

Teepell’s successor as chief of staff was Stephen Waguespack, who now leads the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. LABI is the state’s largest business lobby.

Kyle Plotkin, the governor’s spokesman, replaced Rainwater as chief of staff.