CATS leases office space in Mid City Towers

The Capital Area Transit System has outgrown its longtime headquarters on Florida Boulevard and is expanding into additional office space just down the road in Mid City Towers.

The CATS board of commissioners approved a two-year lease that begins April 1 for 5,442 square feet. The lease will cost CATS $73,500 the first year and $79,000 the second year.

CEO Bob Mirabito said in the past year, new hires and vehicle purchases have left the agency busting at the seams.

“When I came to CATS there were three to four people in an office and our yard was set up for 55 vehicles,” Mirabito said. “Now we’re close to 100 vehicles plus the additional 70 operators that we’ve hired is putting pressure on our parking.”

Mirabito had hoped to get a lease approved for parking at Mid City Towers to station 20 buses, but he learned early Tuesday morning that the parking lot required a zoning change.

The board deferred the vote on the parking lot lease, citing concerns that neighbors weren’t properly informed. Mirabito said after the meeting he will not pursue that parking lot, because he doesn’t have time to wait for a zoning change, which could take months and possibly be derailed by opposing neighbors. He added the need for additional parking is immediate.

Most of the administrative staff will move into the new building on the fifth floor of 5700 Florida Boulevard.

The old headquarters will continue to house maintenance workers, operations employees and human resources.