Investigation continues into St. Martin deputy accused of killing her husband

A St. Martin Parish sheriff’s deputy accused of killing her husband in late December remains on administrative leave while detectives sort out what happened.

It’s a case where authorities are releasing little information.

“It’s a criminal investigation,” Trooper 1st Class Stephen Hammons said. “We’re going to rely on forensics and other reports to say factually what occurred.”

Hammons would not predict when State Police would complete their investigation and report.

Hammons said Lt. Chrystal Alexander, 33, is believed to have shot Kendall Alexander, 34, at the couple’s residence at the Potpourri South Apartments in Breaux Bridge. Hammons said Tuesday that he would not answer further questions.

St. Martin sheriff’s officials also are not saying much.

Spokeswoman Maj. Ginny Higgins said Chrystal Alexander is a 14-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office who achieved the rank of lieutenant.

Breaux Bridge Assistant Police Chief Terry Latiolais said Tuesday that his officers were the last to get to the scene that Sunday night, following both sheriff’s officials and State Police. Latiolais said his department has not taken an investigative role.

There is a document trail, however, in the St. Martin Parish Clerk of Court’s Office that shines some light on the couple.

Kendall Alexander is a former Breaux Bridge police officer who was charged in a 23-count indictment in January 2007.

The charges alleged that while he was a police officer, he was an accessory after the fact in a financial fraud case that involved four others.

He also was charged with one count of malfeasance in office. Chrystal Alexander was not part of the investigation.

On Jan. 14, 2008, Kendall Alexander pleaded guilty to one count of malfeasance.

He received a suspended sentence of three years in prison at hard labor and was ordered to undergo three years supervised probation.

During that period he also ceased being a Breaux Bridge police officer.

Latiolais, assistant Breaux Bridge chief, said he didn’t know when Kendall Alexander quit being an officer, or if he was fired or forced to resign after the charges or the sentence.

Court documents also paint a picture of domestic disharmony.

In August 2005, Kendall and Chrystal Alexander, who at the time was Chrystal Gayle Clues, hit a rocky patch. In filings requesting a protective order against her boyfriend, Chrystal handwrote her reasons for wanting a legal barrier to keep Kendall Alexander away.

On Aug. 8, 2005, she wrote, Chrystal Alexander told Kendall Alexander she didn’t want to marry him. She wrote that he grabbed her hair and hit her, then stopped when her 8-year-old son walked into the room.

The child, now in his middle-teens, was not Kendall Alexander’s biological son.

Chrystal Alexander wrote that Kendall Alexander showed up the next day asking for his clothes. She said she called someone at the Sheriff’s Office while he was there so she wouldn’t be alone with him.

“When I felt the situation was calm, I hung up the phone only to have him throw me into the bed and choke me,” she wrote.

Judge Keith Comeaux did not grant the request for a protective order, but did order both of them “not to abuse, harass, stalk or contact each other,” according to records.

In January 2007, as Kendall Alexander was charged with felony offences, Chrystal Alexander again requested a protective order, which Judge Comeaux granted. In July 2008, the protective order was dropped at Chrystal Alexander’s request, records show.

Neighbors of the Alexanders said Tuesday that they viewed the Alexanders as a tranquil couple, living life quietly. They often were seen outside their apartment smoking.

“They were customers of mine,” said Neal Guidry, who worked at a convenience store that was frequented by the couple, who were engaged at the time.

Guidry in December moved in with a friend next door to the Alexanders.

“They were everyday ordinary people,” he said. “This (killing) was really weird.”

Ames Castille lives three doors down from the Alexanders. He was home the night of the shooting but slept through it, giving credit to how well insulated his apartment is.

He said he too would see them smoking outside. Castille said he never noticed if there was marital strife ongoing just a few doors down from where he’s lived for the past five years.